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  Shaken, Not Stirred 3.1

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Shaken, not stirred is a jukebox program for generating shuffled playlists where songs you like more are played more often (based on the 1 to 5 stars rating you assign in Windows Media Player), and repetitions of the same song are prevented from occurring too close together. How much more often favored songs are played, and how repetitions are separated, are options controlled by the user. It can generate shuffled playlists from all songs in your collection, existing playlists, or new songs added to your collection in whatever age limit you specify. You can include multiple sources in the shuffle, for example all songs in your collection with higher rated songs played more often, plus new songs get played more often than old songs with the same ratings. The program uses Windows Media Playerīs database to know what songs are in your collection, and what their ratings are for setting how often to play each song. If you use Windows Media Player to sync your MP3 Player, and have assigned song ratings (1 to 5 stars), no preparation is needed and you can generate shuffled playlists with Shaken Not Stirred a few minutes after you download it. If you donīt use Windows Media Player, some extra steps are required, described in the programīs Help. It also includes a separate utility to copy album art from your computer to your MP3 player (only useful for players that donīt handle it correctly during sync).

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