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  Matrix Screen Saver 2.3

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This is my version of the Matrix screen saver. Very cool! It uses the authentic Matrix font from The Matrix movie. It includes a lot of custom options, see below for details. This is a new Version which I thought about renaming to \"Matrix Reloaded\", because it seems to fit that I have added many features and improvements. :) Features: It´s unique because it uses the actual matrix characters, no look-a-likes. Includes automatic support for single, dual, tri, and quad monitor configurations! You don´t have to do anything, it will recognize your other monitors automatically. You can also choose color schemes! If you´re tired of the lime green matrix animation, you can now choose red, yellow, white or blue, or even rotate each of them! You can also specify how often to rotate them. Includes (optional) user and system information displayed at the top of the screen. Includes option to display text from a text file (instead of user/system info). Includes an option mini-slideshow of images - displaying on a small CRT in the matrix. Cool! You choose a local image directory (supports bmp, gif, jpg, etc.), and it randomly displays the images (smart-sized for the small monitor they´re shown in). Here are a few screenshots: pic 1, pic 2. To find some good images, visit the official Matrix site. To get the best animation effect with this feature, use images at least around 400 pixels wide. :) Improvements in the animation logic as well as mouse-movement stop of the screensaver. Includes a small digital clock in the top-right of the screen. Includes options to play your favorite MP3´s or WAV files while the screensaver plays. You can download this sample music text file which shows the format needed. Under a new \"Web Window\" tab in the Settings window there´s a COOL, new feature: the \"web window\". This optional feature allows you to specify a web page to show in the screensaver! It can be a local html page or a remote web page. What´s cool is that you can simply code your own html page to show flash, quicktime, cgi, etc....or ALL the above! You also specify the location and size of the ´web window´, so you can place it anywhere you like - positioning it on a certain monitor, etc. Obviously, this opens-up many options. What you can do is go to the official Matrix movie pages and download the high-res Quicktime movies and configure a page to show them horizontally, etc. You could also set-up your own slideshow of your images using your own flash or javascript functions. All kinds of ideas... Have fun with this and please donate to help support this starving artist. :)

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