Privoxy 3.0.19
 Advanced Onion Router
 KeyScrambler Personal
 IEHistoryView 1.70
 Tor for Windows 2.2.34-2
 Proxy Changer
 NCS WinVisible
 Ogni Free Folder Locker and Hider 1.00.00
 R-Crypto Disk Security 1.5
 Maxidix Proxy Scanner 11.5

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  Name Rating Popularity Licence Supported Platforms
Proxy Changer shareware
NCS WinVisible freeware
Ogni Free Folder Locker and Hider 1.00.00 shareware
R-Crypto Disk Security 1.5 shareware
Maxidix Proxy Scanner 11.5 shareware
The Web Blocker 2.6.3 shareware
HiddenDIR 1.0 shareware
Free Proxy Switcher 0.2 Alpha shareware
Mil Free Internet Eraser 4.0 shareware
LockIt v0.07 Beta shareware
HostsXpert 4.4 shareware
Openetic ScreenKey 2.5.3 shareware
Secunia PSI 2.0 shareware
Advanced Onion Router shareware
KeyScrambler Personal shareware
Tor for Windows 2.2.34-2 shareware
gpg4win 2.1.0 shareware
Privacy Mantra 3.00 shareware
Kitty Litter The Anti-Sniffer 2.0 shareware
Hide Window 1.6 shareware
HostsMan 3.2.73 shareware
Privoxy 3.0.19 shareware
IEHistoryView 1.70 shareware
Free Internet Window Washer 3.0 shareware
Magic Boss Key 4.10 shareware
ABC Security Protector 5.591 shareware
Instant Privacy Blind (IPB) 1.0 shareware
Sofonesia Folder Protector 1.1 shareware
 HP PhotoSmart 100 1000 1100 1200 and 1300 series printers for Windows 2000/XP
 Poker Lines 1.0
 Celebrity Poker Screensaver 1.0
 Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 4.1
 Word Tub v1.1
 Dell Photo All-in-One Printer 964 Driver
 Anime Dress Up Game 2.1
 King Kong Screensaver
 nfsKarlovyVary Screensaver 1.1
 The Crypt - Full Version v2.0
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