KeePass Password Safe 2.18
 Access Manager 2.1.58
 Any Password 1.44
 KeePass Password Safe Portable 2.18
 LoginCode 1.5.0
 Sisma 3.0
 Creating Passwords 1.0.3
 IEPasswordDecryptor 2.1
 MirandaPasswordDecryptor 1.2
 S10 Password Vault 4

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  Name Rating Popularity Licence Supported Platforms
Sisma 3.0 shareware
Creating Passwords 1.0.3 shareware
IEPasswordDecryptor 2.1 shareware
MirandaPasswordDecryptor 1.2 shareware
S10 Password Vault 4 shareware
Oracle Password Auditor 1.0 shareware
Sisma Portable 3.0 shareware
Mysql Password Auditor 1.0 shareware
DigsbyPasswordDecryptor 1.6 shareware
Asterisk Password Spy 1.0 shareware
LoginCode 1.5.0 shareware
Access Manager 2.1.58 shareware
Password Safe 3.27 shareware
Password Genie Android 1.0 shareware
Random Password Generator 1.2 shareware
Free Password Manager 1.0.8 shareware
IdentiToken 1.0 shareware
KeePass Password Safe Portable 2.18 shareware
Efficient Password Manager 3.0.317 shareware
Awesome Password Generator 1.1.0 shareware
Password Safe Portable 3.27 shareware
Easy Password Keeper 2.5 shareware
TwitterPasswordDecryptor 1.6 shareware
Universal Password Manager 1.7 shareware
MSN Live Password Decryptor 2.0 shareware
IDM Password Decryptor 1.0 shareware
KeePass Password Safe 2.18 shareware
Any Password 1.44 shareware
FTP Password Decryptor 1.5 shareware
Meebo Password Decryptor 1.0 shareware
 Poker Lines 1.0
 Celebrity Poker Screensaver 1.0
 HP PhotoSmart 100 1000 1100 1200 and 1300 series printers for Windows 2000/XP
 Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 4.1
 Word Tub v1.1
 Dell Photo All-in-One Printer 964 Driver
 Anime Dress Up Game 2.1
 King Kong Screensaver
 nfsKarlovyVary Screensaver 1.1
 The Crypt - Full Version v2.0
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